5 Perfect Presents for Your Favorite Fat Biker

Or… Treat Yo’ Self!

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I started riding fat bikes back when they were still called “snow bikes” and I’ve found a few things that make for the hap/happiest winter riding. Buy them for your favorite fat biker! Buy them for you! Self care is important…

Treat yo’self.  ~ Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle (Parks and Rec)

1.Revelate Mag-Tank 2000 Bolt On Cockpit Bag.  I love the design of this bag!  It has a magnetic closure catch that saves my hands from fiddling with a zipper in the cold. In addition, it bolts onto the top tube bosses on my Salsa Mukluk.  I appreciate this detail because no matter what tank bags I’ve used in the past, they all want to migrate sideways.

Revelate Designs Mag Tank 2000

Mag Tank 2000


2. Arkel seat packer 15 bag. Expensive but worth every penny. My Salsa Mukluk is a size small and as such, the frame bag doesn’t hold much gear.

Enter the Arkel seat bag. For all-day winter excursions I carry my puffy, an extra base layer, a wool beanie, and my battery heated gloves. It doesn’t sag because it slides onto a lightweight aluminum hanger — which also makes it handy for taking it off to pack and unpack.

There is an outside zippered pocket that is the perfect size to stow chemical hand warmers. And it’s dropper post compatible!

This is the splurge item that you will be grateful that you bought.

Seatpacker 15 Bikepacking Seat Bag


3. Greasy Winter Wool Cycling Cap .  A lightweight hat that provides full ear coverage, this has been my favorite for the last two seasons.  Because it’s wool it will keep you warm even when damp with sweat.  It fits well under my helmet and it’s easy to care for – I throw it in the washer and dryer.

45NRTH Greazy Cap

Warm, but not too warm – good for temps below 40.


4. Revelate Designs Mountain Feed Bag. I have these on all of my bikes.  They are perfect for carrying hot tea loaded with honey on winter rides. Or chili cheese Fritos.  It’s amazing how much can fit in them!

My pard’ner gave me the feed bag and the Fritos last Christmas. Yep, he’s a keeper!

Revelate Feed Bag

These 2 bags held extra water, a windbreaker, string cheese, snickers bars, mandarin oranges, chapstick, sunscreen, and other stuff I can’t remember right now on a 30-mile ride to the Summitville Mine in Colorado. My phone fits nicely in one of the outside pockets.


5. Bar Mitts/Poagies. Check out Dogwood Designs and Revelate Designs.  Bar mitts are essential to keeping your hands warm and they also will hold snacks, a handkerchief, and whatever else you think to stuff in them.

Bar mitts

These bar mitts were made by Atmosphere Mountainworks in Laramie, WY.  Simple and effective design but they no longer make them to this standard. What I like about them is that when your hands get toasty you can scrunch them out of the way. I have a grip shifter which makes everything feel tidy inside my bar mitts. Plus it appeals to the dirt biker in me. Brrrrap!


And…. because you read this far…. FREE Christmas bike ornaments by local shrinky dink artist Studd Pyles at either Lander bike shop! (Lander, Wyoming, U.S. of A.)


bike ornaments

bike ornaments

Now go ride your bike!


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