5 Perfect Presents 

for Your Favorite Fat Biker

I started riding fat bikes back when they were still called “snow bikes” and I’ve found a few things that make for the hap/happiest winter riding. Buy them for your favorite fat biker! Buy them for you! Self care is important during the holidays…

1. Serfas magnetic closure stem bag. This has been my favorite bag for years. No fumbling with zippers with cold hands or gloves. It’s perfect for a couple of candy bars and your phone.

I added the patch with my glue gun.

2. Arkel seat packer 15 bag. Expensive but worth every penny. My Salsa Mukluk is a size medium frame and as such, the frame bag doesn’t have much capacity. At the most, I can fit in a small jacket and a couple of slices of pizza. Enter the Arkel seat bag. For all-day winter excursions, I carry my puffy, an extra base layer, extra beanie, my battery heated gloves, extra rechargeable batteries, and snacks. It doesn’t sag because it slides onto a lightweight aluminum hanger — which also makes it handy for packing. Super easy on/off. Dropper post compatible. This is the splurge item that you will be grateful you bought.

Seatpacker 15 Bikepacking Seat Bag

3. Looney Bin cages. Adjustable and secure cage that will carry a thermos of hot cocoa, a 32 oz. Nalgene bottle or a regular sized water bottle. When you mount a cage to the bottom of your down tube, it’s nice to be able to cinch your bottle tight when things bumping over the rough stuff.

Looney bin cage on fork.

4. Mountain Feed Bag. Seems overpriced but I love it anyway. This is where I put my hot tea with honey. Or chili cheese Fritos.

My pard’ner gave me the feed bag and the Fritos last Christmas. Yep, he’s a keeper!

5. Atmosphere Mountainworks Bar Mitts. $37 bucks, so get them in two colors! Or mix and match with your friends. Cozy fleece-lined and made from remnant materials to keep the cost down and eco-friendly. I love these because they are oversized and I can put a bar in them and a hanky. Local company in Laramie, Wyoming. I asked them to make me a rasta themed pair & they are super spiffy.

Bar mitts

Bar mitts squished out of the way when your hands get toasty. I have a grip shifter which makes everything feel tidy inside my bar mitts. Plus it appeals to the dirt biker in me. Brrrrap!

And…. because you read this far…. FREE Christmas bike ornaments by local shrinky dink artist Studd Pyles at either Local Lander Bike Shop! Lander, Wyoming, U.S. of A.

bike ornaments

bike ornaments

Now go ride your bike!


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