I am an adventurer, cyclist, breast cancer survivor, deaf athlete, and mother of three who lives in Lander, Wyoming at the base of the rugged Wind River Mountains.

My goal is to encourage and inspire women in the fat biking scene, share gear recommendations, tips and tricks, and offer up fun ideas for rolling fat and strong.

Cycling is my passion and I believe that when you find your passion anything is possible.

My Bikes

I have a Salsa Mukluk, single speed Surly Moonlander, Surly Midnight Special, New Belgium Fat Tire cruiser (that I won) and a single speed Surly Cross Check. My goal in life is to have more bikes than shoes. If it weren’t for my cycling shoes then I’d be about even!

I adore all my bikes, but I especially love the versatility of fat bikes. In a place like Wyoming I often find myself following a cattle trail through the sagebrush in the summer or riding snowy single track in the winter. Fatties aren’t fast, but they are sure to put a smile on your face and they are made for exploring.


About twice a year I enter a race, but only for the fun factor. I’m hardly competitive. My goal is simply to finish and I’m always at the back of the pack.

During winter races I will stop to make a snow angel.

I train sporadically because life is busy between wrangling kids and chickens.

I encourage everyone to try one at least one fat bike race. It’s a fun way to experience racing without stress as the events have a chill vibe.  The first mountain bike race I did was on a fat bike.

About Me: A Wyoming Girl

I started exploring Wyoming by bike when I was 20. I worked and lived at a remote fish hatchery near the small town of Medicine Bow (population 267). I biked on dusty two-tracks every day after work. It was always just me, herds of antelope, and the wind.

In addition to my stint at the fish hatchery, my work as a wildlife biologist and firefighter took me to many places in the West. I have also traveled to many beautiful and remote places around the world — but lucky for me, most of my favorite places are right in my own backyard.

I love Wyoming. We have the best of everything and nothing added: abundant and glorious sunshine and wide-open prairies where real cowboys still ride herd. You can ride the Oregon Trail and have the same views the settlers did when they crossed over 100 years ago. Check out the “Ride Wyoming” page for ideas to plan your own Wyoming adventure.

Happy Trails!

Kathleen, aka Fatbike Girl, Single-speed Sagebrush Queen