Rabbit Valley near Fruita, CO

Fat Biking and How to Throw Your Phone Off a Cliff

Winters are long in Wyoming and spring is a trickster. When the first robin returns, BAM, POW — we are sucker-punched with a foot of snow. I hadn’t seen bare ground since last October.

We were craving dirt like a bladder craves a potty break after beer drinking. Dirt. Aaaaaaah….. Or something like that.

To get to Dirt, we drove over snowy mountain passes to blissfully emerge on the West Slope of Colorado – where green things were flowering. Time travel to Spring.

Coming from Narnia, it was divine to see Indian paintbrush and other flowers in bloom.

Our plan to was ride the trails near Fruita. But after a quick drive-by of the popular trailheads we turned our rig around. There were way too many spandex-clad people for these Wyoming folks. We live in Wyoming for a reason – there are more antelope than people.

One of the local bike shop dudes mentioned trails further west in Rabbit Valley that would probably be less crowded. He cautioned us that dirt bikers use them too. Shoot, no problem-o, I aspire to be a dirt biker…

Wanna-be dirt biker, riding at my farm.

We rode Trail #2 to the Western Rim and back yonder is where I fumbled my phone over a cliff. Bounced a couple of times and Studd hiked down to get it. It survived – and I was kind of disappointed.

Great views – from top of yonder cliff.

Studd’s Surly Ice Cream Truck and my Salsa Mukluk. We only saw about a dozen dirt bikers and mountain bikers each on the trail. It felt remote and peaceful, just the way we like to roll.

On the trail!

The Western Rim ranks in the top 10 of my all-time favorite rides!

There is some dispersed camping in Rabbit Valley but we stayed in the Jouflas BLM Campground. Only a few sites and very low key.

Mostly empty campground during the day.

Camp dawg.

Studd thinking deep thoughts, or not.

Wild parsley.

“Ride hard till you die.” Sew-on patch by Snow Deep Designs in Lander, WY.

Find phone here… plug for Otter Box cases.

Dreaming of next time. Do it! Pack your bags, load your bike and drive West, or South, or whatever direction the compass points! For more info. on camping and trails see the BLM Rabbit Valley Motorized Area website.

P.S. If you are wondering why I threw my phone off a cliff it’s because it rang. I am new to smartphones, having acquired one because I am deaf – and can only talk on the phone via Bluetooth from the phone direct to my hearing aids. When I’m out and about, I like to be disconnected but I forgot to put it on airplane mode. So when it rang (jarringly) in my ear, I pulled it out of my pocket and accidentally fumbled it over the cliff.


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