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My idea of heaven is to spend all day on my fatbike in the snow.  Pair that with a mid-ride fire and a flask of whiskey shared amongst friends, and you have a perfect day. The challenge with cold weather rides is being able to take a quick pit stop without fussing with layers.

Eureka!! Enter the Velocio ZERO bib tight ~ the latest addition to my fat biking and winter cycling kit. Ladies – this is a bib that really works when nature calls.

If you are new to fat biking or winter cycling – there are several reasons I prefer bibs over regular cycling tights: 1) bibs keep cold breezes from sneaking up my backside, 2) bibs are more comfortable with less bunching at the waistband, and 3) they expand with my waistline.

I’ve been wearing a halter-style bib for the past 2 years but it wasn’t ideal. I had to remove my helmet to get the halter strap over my head, which would inevitably get tangled in my hair, my neck gaiter, and the many layers of clothing. It meant removing my gloves to get untangled and it only takes seconds for my hands to start freezing.

So check out the Velocio ZERO design: the shoulder strapscriss-cross in the back and make it easy to “stop and drop” without fumbling with snaps, zippers, or clasps.

Velocio Zero Bibs women's winter cycling bib

Velocio Zero Bib Tight


I wear the Velocio bib as a stand-alone layer for temps in the 40’s and as a base layer under soft shell pants for fat biking in freezing temps.  As a stand alone layer they are true to their wind-proof claim as I’ve stayed warm on long, steep descents while road and gravel riding.  As a base layer for my soft shell pants they have performed well so far – but our Wyoming fall has been warmer than usual.

When you slide these babies on, you’ll feel like you are wearing your Saturday night sweatpants.  They are that comfy due to the high quality of the material. I love the chamois, too, as I believe less is more. Too many chamois are bulky and have the stitching in the wrong places. This chamois is perfectly engineered.

I believe in cycling apparel that is well-made, functional and dependable. The Velocio ZERO bib tight is all that.

Still, you might balk at the $299 price tag.  But here’s the rub:

Velorio has an outstanding conservation ethos.  Read it. You’ll be encouraged that a company is aiming to minimize their impact on this beautiful planet of ours. Their clothes are extremely well-made so that the consumer can invest in a long lasting product. Buying durable clothes, of any kind, means less clothing purchases thus minimizing waste involved in the production process, not to mention impact involved in shipping, etc.

Additional high marks:

  • The super stretchy soft shell material on the front that is wind proof and water resistant
  • Micro-fleece lining that is just right – enough for warmth but not too much to be bulky
  • Uber comfy chamois

There are only a couple things that I’d change:

  • I’d love to see the ZERO in three-quarter length. It seems counter intuitive for a winter bib but for fat biking I wear winter boots and tall wool socks. With the full-length bib this creates unwanted bulk on my shins.
  • Remove the stirrups. There’s too much going on in my shoes and the stirrups never stay in place while I’m kitting up.

The final verdict? Italian-made with the best materials, these are sure to be a long-lasting piece of your kit.  If you are a rider that eats snow and ice for breakfast and can afford the price tag then these are for you.

I am 5’5″ and 135 lbs and have the medium.  They come in XXS to XXXL. Be sure to check out the Gear page for more reviews!



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