Are you passionate about sharing the love of fat biking?

Interested in starting a Fat Bike Girl Chapter in your community?

It’s easy, here’s what you gotta do:


Maintain your Fat Bike Girl Chapter Facebook group. Actively engage on the page to welcome new members, answer questions, respond to comments, post pics of rides, and share workshops, events, and races.  We will set up the chapter Facebook group for you.


Feel free to organize rides and/or help foster group participation in local rides/events. Get a feel for the ladies you are riding with and determine the difficulty level, frequency, and location of your rides. 

We emphasize the “no drop” (no woman left behind) ethic and welcome everyone – regardless of your skill or fitness level.

Ride leaders should be mindful of those that are intimidated by group riding and/or have little experience.


Fat biking in the snow can seem like an entirely different sport than mountain biking. Not everyone is comfortable in a group setting – especially when trying to learn the ropes.  We encourage experienced riders to invite fat bike newbies for paired rides.


Fat bikes are fun!  It’s that simple. Take the time to sip hot cocoa and make snow angels! And in the summer –  cool your feet off in the creek and find a good vantage point to watch the sunset.


Email kathy@fatbikegirl.com the following:

  1. A short letter of interest (LOI). Your LOI can be anything: a haiku about fat biking, a poem or limerick, a rap song with an accompanying ukulele, an LOI on a bar napkin, a message in a bottle, etc. YOUR LOI IS INTENDED TO BE FUN!   Be creative, and if you aren’t feeling creative, that okay, just write something (keep it short)
  2. In addition to no. 1, please provide a SHORT paragraph outlining: your experience with fat bikes or bikes in general; why you are interested; what chapter you would like to start; and a link to your FB page (if you have one).


There is no membership fee to join.  All you need is a willingness to roll fat and strong.

We don’t have a jersey but there are t-shirts for sale in the online store.

Please contact kathy@fatbikegirl.com for permission before using the Fat Bike Girl brand as a logo in shirts, stickers, or printed materials.

The small and important fine print: Participation in rides is voluntary and up to the discretion of the individual.  Please ride safely and obey traffic laws.  Fatbike Girl is not liable for any injuries that may occur as a result of joining a group in your area.  Please adhere to COVID-19 social distancing and mask wearing guidelines for your area.


Fat Bike Girl – Great Lakes

Fat Bike Girl – Greater Philly

Fat Bike Girl – Greater Yellowstone