Riding with Wild Horses

on the Oregon Trail

This post is not actually about riding bikes or wild horses. It’s about being scared. Very, very scared. It was Friday morning and I had been waiting all week for test results from a breast biopsy. Tired of waiting by the phone, I loaded my bike and headed to the Red Desert. It’s one of my favorite places to explore and the vastness of the wide open spaces always soothes my soul.

I thought I was in a cell-phone-free zone. But unbelievably, my phone buzzed at the crest of a hill. It was my doctor and my biopsy result was positive. I had breast cancer. Just minutes later I dropped into a valley filled with hundreds of wild horses. Out of dozens of photos, only a few came out. My hands were shaking.

There were probably about 10 distinct herds, each led by a stallion and consisting of a handful of mares and their foals.

The Seminoe Cutoff of the Oregon Trail. Wind River Mountains in the distance.

A stone monument built by sheep herders to help them find their way.


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