Winter Cycling Boots for Fat Biking Plus Tips for Warm Feet

The biggest challenge with winter cycling on my fat bike is finding the right winter cycling boot to keep my feet warm.  I’ve been riding a fat bike in the snow since 2012 and I’ve noticed that, on the whole, my feet get colder than my partner’s. It’s not just in my head.  Women’s feet really do get colder than men’s.

7 Women’s Winter Cycling Pants for Fat Biking Bliss

Drumroll please, here is a list of women-specific winter cycling pants ideal for fat biking.  Whenever I read a gear review I have to look up each item to see if it comes in a women’s version or if the men’s size might be workable.  My goal was to find a range of winter cycling pants for the woman fat biker that would be ideal for the weekend warrior to the hero endurance athlete.  The list comes from recommendations from both.

Bikepacking Peace on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail

In the middle of the pandemic, I found a rhythm to the summer.  Following the phases of the moon my partner and I filled our weekends with beauty, peace and adventure.  I don’t usually leave our uncrowded and beautiful state of Wyoming on purpose but we were surprised to find an undeveloped and peaceful corner of Colorado just south of the border.