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Thank you to fat bike girl, Krista Snyder, in Lander, Wyoming, for her review of the BRANWYN bralette:

Early in the winter of 2020, I was having a terrible time finding a merino wool bra that fit a bustier person, such as myself. After “crowd-sourcing” information from the Fat Bike Girl group, the main recommendations for bras were the usual suspects: Smartwool and Icebreakers.

But, every one that I tried didn’t seem to be made for curvier people, like myself. And the bustier people in the group, like myself, hadn’t come across any wool bras that they liked either. After an extensive Google search, I came across BRANWYN. I ordered two and started wearing them for winter fat biking.

Branwyn Bralette

I am in love with the wool bralette for winter biking! It wicks well and is super comfortable, like a snug cropped tank top. In the past, after getting sweaty on a good climb, I’d often take my soaked, synthetic bra off because the moisture against my skin would make me cold.

With the BRANWYN, I still sweat (and leave a nice sweat stain on the bottom of the bra), but I don’t feel damp or cold at all, even on those frigid downhills. But, if you still want to take the bra off, the non-racerback style is easy to remove with the classic “keep your shirt on and magically pull the bra out of your sleeve” trick. The straps can be adjusted if you prefer to cross the straps in the back. The double layers also help prevent the nips from showing, if that’s a concern. 

Branwyn Bralette

If you’re looking for a bra to support through a bouncy, aerobics class, this is not the bra to choose. As with most wool bras, the fabric stretches in a different way than with a synthetic sports bra. But, when biking I don’t do a lot of bouncing, so it’s a non-issue.

I now also wear the bralette during summer biking…and wear it to work on a regular basis. After wearing the same two bralettes for most of the 2021 year, I decided to get two more to add into the rotation. I wanted to have additional bras in case the other two were line drying.

They should be hand washed, but I often “cheat” and put them in a laundry bag for delicates and wash them with the rest of my clothes in cool water. They’ve held up well with no broken elastic and minimal stretching. As often as I wear them, I’m impressed with their durability.

BRANWYN is a woman-started company out of Portland, Oregon. I appreciate that they recognize that women, especially women athletes, come in all sizes. Their sizes range from XS-XXL and come in a wide range of neutral colors. I’m 155 pounds and 5’4”, rocking some D-cups, and I wear a size large. The bralette costs $42, or even less with a first time buyer coupon or referral code.

Final verdict:  If you’re looking for a merino wool bra to wick away the sweat, keep you warm and dry in the winter and cool and dry in the summer, this is definitely your bra. With the comparatively low price and durability, the bralette is a smashing deal! Highly recommended!

Krista Snyder
Krista has been mountain biking for over ten years and started fat biking three years ago after seeing how much her friends enjoyed winter riding. Originally from the mountains of northern Colorado, Krista now hails from beautiful Lander, Wyoming. She loves riding, skinny or fat and especially uphill, with her amazing group of lady friends who have taught her that the #1 goal is to have fun.



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